GT4A30 Semi-auto sealing machine

This sealing machine is mainly used for sealing round can or other specail shaped can.It has advantages of stable performance and easy operation. : 
Applied thickeness of tinplate : ≤0.8mm
Production capacity : 8-14cans/min
Max. height of workpiece : 460mm
Applied max. can's height : 400mm
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GT4A30 sealing machine

GT4A30 Semi-auto sealing machine

Technical parameter:

Applied thickness of tinplate:≤0.8mm

Production capacity: 8-14cans/min

Max. height of workpiece: 460mm

Applied max. can's height: 400mm

Motor power: 2.2KW

Outline size: 1250*750*1800mm

Weight: 1300kg

Processing range: diameter 100-510mm(round workpiece);diagonal 100-510mm(special-shaped workpiece)

General situation: this sealing machine is mainly used for sealing round can or other speciall shaped can.