GT4A19Y6Z Automatic seamer machine

The machine adopts advanced PLC electrical control system, which can automatically complete the action procedures such as automatic can-feeding, automatic cover dropping, automatic can sealing and aut : 
Productivity : 26~20 cans/ min
Applied can's thickness : 0.25-0.5mm
Max. applicable can diameter : 300mm
Max. applicable can height : 420mm
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GT4A19Y6Z Automatic seamer machine

Technical parameters: 

Production capacity: 16-20 cans/min

Applicable thickness of tin plates: 0.25-0.5mm

Max. applicable can diameter: 300mm

Max. applicable can height: 420mm

Motor power:2.2KW



General situation:this machine adopts six sealing rollers to seal, which firmly integrates the barrel body and the bottom (top) cover of the barrel, so as to ensure high sealing quality and no leakage requirements.