Square tea/gift can and other cans automatic line

This production line is used to automatically produce tea can/gift can and other shaped cans. It has advantages of high speed, full automatic, stable performance and easy operation. : 
Product type : big round and square cans
Specification : square and other-shaped tin cans
Production capacity : 15--40pcs/minute
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1.GT3A400 Automatic square can body combinationg machine

This machine is used for making big square and round tin cans,and other shaped cans. It is a combination forming machine that used for pre-curling,corner cutting,folding,locking for sheared tin can body.

2.GT3B18Z Automatic flanging machine for sqaure tin cans

This machine is used for automatic flanging for square tin cans and other shaped cans,it also can be used for automatic flanging for one-end of can body and winding(or winding & ribbing) for another-end.

3.GT4A19Z Automatic seaming machine for square tin cans

This machine is mainly applied for automatic sealing for big round cans,square and other shaped cans.