Aerosol can semi-automatic production line

This line is used to produce aerosol/spray can's body,such as butane gas tin cans,insecticide spray cans etc.. It has advantages of stable performance and easy operation. : 
Production capacity : 15-35 cans/minute
Product type : aerosol can
Total power : 33kw
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Aerosol can semi - automatic production line

Production capacity15-35 cans/minute
Working procedure
Can’s body
plates shearing – round forming – seam weldinginclude coating and drying-- necked-in & flanging - bottom sealing - top sealing – leak hunting

No.1 GT1B5 Cutting machine

General situationthis machine is used for batch cutting tinplate or other metal sheet for next working procedure.

No.2 GT3A3 Rounding machine

General situationthis machine is applied for can rounding from the well-cut plates for seam welding.

No.3 FH10-3 Backward-in resistance welding machine (including coating & drying)

General situationthe machine is applied for seam welding, coating and drying of aerosol can bodies.

No.4 GT3B12 Automatic necked-in & flanging machine

General situationThis machine is mainly used for automatic neck and flanging of beverages, food and aerosol spray cans.

No.5 4A7Y Semi-automatic sealing machine

General situation: This machine is four-wheel sealing equipment which is used for sealing of round can.

No.6 GX-8 Leak hunting machine for aerosol can

General situation: this machine is mainly used for leak hunting for aerosol can.