Other metal cap production line

This production line can be used to produce all kinds of metal caps by replacing the moulds. : 
Product type : metal caps
Production capacity : 50-250pcs/min
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No.1 NCP-008B Full automatic NC punch(60T with double-end dies

(1)Automatic feeder

(2)NC conveying table

(3)60T punch

General situation:this unit equipped with 60t punch and double-moulds is used to punch the screw cap into shape which consists of automatic feeder, NC conveying table, NC punch, automatic waste discharger, controled by PLC.

No.2 GX-30GLX Curling and knurling machine

General situation: this machine is used for curlng, knurling, screw-rolling of screw cap.

No.3  Glue-injection and drying line

General situation: this line is used for glue injection and drying for metal caps.