SKO bottle cap full automatic production line

This production line is used to produce SKO cap with the merits of full automatic.It has the advantages of high degree of automation and high speed. : 
Product type : SKO bottle cap
Production capacity : 50-150caps/min
Total power : 11KW
Total weight : 8000kg
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1. NCP-008A Full automatic NC punch(35T)

(1) NC table

(2) Supplier

(3) 35T press

General situation: the full automatic NC punch consists of the  units of NC table,automatic punch,automatic supplier and ejecting waste unit,controlled by PLC.


2. SKO bottle cap curling machine

General situation: this machine is used for curling the punched SKO bottle caps.

3.Rubber ring assembling machine for SKO bottle cap

General situation:this machine is used for automatically add the rubber sealing ring to the curled SKO bottle caps which can be full automatic production line combined with NC punching machine and curling machine.