Milk powder can grooved-on cover production line

This line is the professional unit to produce grooved-on cover of milk powder can in food industry with the merits of high degree of automation, high speed, stable performance and easy operation. : 
Product type : milk powder can grooved-on cover
Specification : round shape
Production capacity : 80-120pcs/m
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No.1  NCP-008A Full automatic NC punch(35T)

(1) Automatic feeder

(2) NC conveying table

(3) 35T punch

General situation: this unit is used to punch the tinplate into shaped grooved-on cover,which consists of the units of NC table, automatic punch, automatic supplier. All working procedures are controlled by PLC.

No.2 25T Punch (2 sets)

General situation: these machines are used for second punching into shape and final shaping of grooved-on cover.