Ring pull cap/lid automatic production line

This production line is the professional equipment to produce alu ring-pull cap/lid in beverage industries with the merits of full automatic, high speed, stable performance etc. : 
Product type : aluminum ring pull cap
Production capacity : 90-120pcs/minute
Total power : 36kw
Total weight : 10000kgs
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No.1 Streching machine

General situation:this machine is used for strething the rolling material for the next working procedure.

No.2 Muti-position punch

General situation:this machine is muti-position punch which is used for the final shaping of ring-pull caps.

No.3 Ingecting machine

General situation:this unit is used to inject glue into the shaped ring-pull caps.

No.4 Dryer machine

General situation:this machine is used for drying the glue-injected ring-pull caps.