Aluminum cap semi-automatic line(50-100pcs/min)

This line is used for producing aluminum wine bottle caps etc. and other similar bottle caps. It is suitable for the production of multi-varieties and small-batch of aluminum caps. : 
Product type : aluminum wine bottle caps and other similar metal caps
oduction capacity : 50-100pcs/min)
Total power : 9.5kw
Total weight : 8000kg
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No.1   NCP-008 Manual feeding NC punch35T

(1) NC table

(2) 35T Punch

Genaral situation: this punch runs by manual feeding,NC feeding,punched forming and automatic collection of waste leftover.Every step is controlled by PLC.

No.2   16T Horizontal punch

General situation:this machine is applied for the second time stretching of the punched forming caps to acquire the required height.

No.3 Knurling & ruling machine

General situation:this machine is used for knurling and ruling of aluminum caps.

No.4 Gasket inserting machine

General situation:this machine is used for insert gasket for aluminum caps.