Twist-off/lug cap full-auto line(250-300pcs/min)

The production line is used to produce metal screw cap (ear cap). It is equipped with two cap making and glue injection machines, with a maximum speed of 320 pieces / min. it can also be equipped with a natural gas dryer for drying.

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Twist-off/lug cap full-auto line(can be equipped with natural gas dryer machine)(250-300pcs/min)

No.1  NCP-008L Full automatic NC gantry punch (45T)

(1) High speed feeding system (including sheet oiling function)

(2) Gantry Press

General situation: this line is a full automatic line controlled by PLC which consists of the units of high

speed feeding system, automatic oiling system, NC conveyor, gantry punch and automatic collecting

waste etc. units.


NO.2   2A8B Cap making & injecting machine

General situation:

The machine is applied for final shaping of the twist off caps and  the injection inside the caps.The punched forming cap shells with vertical edge are proceeded with pre-curling,curling and shaping,injection and final shaping of the twist off caps on this machine,then the injected twist off caps are transferred to the drying machine for drying.


NO.3   ENP100B Natural gas dryer machine

General situation: This machine is used to drying of glue injected into caps.

NO.4    CTE150 Counter

General situation: this machine is usedf for counting the caps, and transfer the counted caps into the

carton for packing.It is applied for counting various specifications of caps.