Gt4a7yz automatic sealing machine

The machine is mainly used for sealing 35mm-150mm round cans. It is widely used in packaging cans used in daily hardware, chemical industry, food, capacitor and other industries. The can body and can cover are firmly combined to form a container.

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Technical parameters:

Production capacity: 20-35 times / min

Pneumatic system pressure: 0.4-0.6mpa

Power supply parameters: current and voltage AC380V

Power parameters:

Main motor: y90l-4 1.5KW 1 piece

Lifting motor: 0.55kw

Servo motor: 1.5kw, 1 piece

Applicable materials: aluminum plate, tinplate

Sealing diameter: Φ 35 -- Φ 150 mm

Sealing height: 65 -- 300 mm

Dimension: 2100 * 1000 * 1720mm

Equipment weight: 800kg