GT10A5 Automatic duplex disc cutting machine

This machine is used to cut the length and width of tinplate in can making industry. It adopts the form of disc hob longitudinal and transverse. It has the characteristics of high automation, high production efficiency, high precision of sheet metal size,

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Production capacity: 28sheets/min

Scope of application: the thickness of iron sheet is less than 0.5mm

Sheet metal width: less than 1050 mm, can's height more than 42 mm

Motor power: 3kw

Dimensions: 5500 * 2620 * 1553 mm

Equipment weight: 5300 kg

General situation: This machine can be used to shear tinplate for the suitable length,width in  manufacturing industry,adopt the form of longitudinal and transverse cutting of plate-round-rolling knife with the advantage  of high degree automation,productivity,accurancy dimension,convenient adjustment and maintenance,safety operation etc.